Document Management Systems:

Document Management  

Benefits of a Simple Document Management / Digital Archiving Solution:

A simple document management and archival solution will allow you to scan & store your paper documents into digital form and easily retrieve them for greater organization, safety and security as well as ease of use and access to your documents at the click of a button.


Document Management



Key Benefits:

Disaster Recovery:
Easy backup & storage offsite

Productivity Gains:
You are no longer manually digging through file cabinets when trying to locate a document

Documents can be viewed by many people within your office or from remote off-site locations

Documents don't become lost since there is no need to re-file

Space Efficiency:
Save office and cabinet space in your office / workplace

Cost Savings:
Employee and company resources are free from the manual handling, filing and re-filing of paper documents



The Numbers are Compelling:

The average document is copied either physically or electronically an average of 10 times, at a total cost of 22$ (US)

Retrieving a mis-filed document can cost an organization about $150 (US)

25% of enterprise documents are misplaced and will never be located

Document mis-management can claim up too:

• 40% - 60% of Office Workers Time
• 20% - 45% of Labour Costs
• 12% - 15% of Corporate Revenue

* Source: Gartner Report on Electronic Management



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