Managed Print Services

Defined by the Gartner research group as “a service offered by an external provider to optimize or manage a company’s document output to certain objectives, such as:

1) Driving Down Overhead Costs

2) Improving Efficiencies and Productivity

3) Reducing The Administrative Burden

Managed Print Services help organizations drive down costs and increase internal efficiencies.

Methodology and Objectives

Generally speaking, the objectives are to move high cost desktop (printer) prints to low cost multifunctional prints, thereby reducing the ratio of users to each machine from 3:1 down to 9:1. Most successful Managed Print Initiatives focus on decentralizing multifunctionals while centralizing (by removing desktop printers) prints.

Scope of Services

Services can be as simple as a restructuring of customer owned equipment with an objective of reducing the ratio of users to each machine to effect cost savings – or – As complicated as a fully managed vendor owned fleet that might include a central print shop operated by the vendor with services, down to the level of toner and paper replacement on individual devices.

Main Components

  • Assessment of current print device
    infrastructure and costs

  • Proposal and Agreement to re-align and/or remove

  • Selection of general replacement hardware
  • Ongoing provision of service, parts, supplies for both new and existing hardware
  • Tracking and measurement of equipment usage for greater efficiency and productivity gains throughout the life of the contract. Recommendations and adjustments are made in order to improve satisfaction and meet the changing needs of customers.

Managed Print Services
Print Migration is an effective way to divert print traffic to lower cost devices, and reduce your overall footprint.



Results Realizable

  • Savings of 30% to 50% are not uncommon and have been projected by Gartner and other consulting firms for the past ten years.
  • Reduction of the carbon footprint by 50%.

Managed Print Services

Obstacles to Success

The restructuring of office print devices across departmental boundaries can sometimes result in differences in policy and opinion. If the all levels of the organization are in agreement with the financial, efficiency and environmental objectives, a managed print services program can result in huge benefits.

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